Now Is the Time

Yesterday was not a good day.  Reports coming out of Michigan on the Rachel Maddow show of proposed legislation that would enable the governor in response to a financial “emergency” (his determination) to suspend local governments, fire elected officials, and replace them with his own appointments (including appointment of corporations), are scarcely believable.

This kind of dismantling of state governance seems so blatantly illegal and unconstitutional that only the pretext of “emergency” gives it any traction at all.  This shadowy agenda of people apparently hell-bent on establishing a fascist state descends upon us seemingly from out of nowhere.  As it becomes clearer to everyone, however, people are not slow to react.

In Wisconsin, the citizens are settling in for a long fight, one that is getting increasing backing and support from all around America.  This is huge. Not in our lifetimes (since WWII) has America witnessed citizens fighting for a wholesale recall of elected officials seen as suddenly threatening their democracy and their way of life.

Meanwhile, the corporate campaign of financial fear continues. As we show below, the billionaires are working very hard to persuade Americans that their economic decline is the result of inexorable economic forces, and that they will have to accept even more hardship and poverty in the future.  But America remains a land of great wealth and resources – it’s just that a small group of elite billionaires have taken over the lion’s share of it over the last 30 years, running up a lot of federal debt in the process.

None of us is going to like where they want to take us.  But I can not believe we’ll end up there, because the American people won’t stand for it.  As Michael Moore pointed out, the 400 richest people have as much money as the bottom 155 million Americans.  But the richest 400 don’t have anywhere near as many votes.  Still, there is much work ahead for the bottom 99%.

History is playing out now on a daily basis, so let’s stay alert, focused, and involved.

JMH – 3/9/11

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