Some Recommended Books

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Here are books we are finding helpful:

  • Robert B. Reich, “After-Shock: The Next Economy and America’s Future,” Knopf 2010
  • Barry C. Lynn, “Cornered: The New Monopoly Capitalism and the Economics of Destruction,” Wiley 2010
  • Naomi Klein, “The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism,” Picador 2007
  • Nomi Prins, “It Takes a Pillage: Behind the Bailouts, Bonuses, and Backroom Deals from Washington to Wall Street,” Wiley 2009
  • Paul Krugman, “The Return of Depression Economics and the Crisis of 2008,” Norton 2009
  • John Kenneth Galbraith & Nicole Salinger, “Almost Everyone’s Guide to Economics,” Houghton Mifflin 1978
  • Thom Hartmann, “Rebooting the American Dream: 11 Ways to Rebuild Our Country,” Berrett Koehler 2010
  • Joshua Holland, “The Fifteen Biggest Lies About the Economy: and Everything Else the Right Doesn’t Want you to Know About Taxes, Jobs, and Corporate America,” Wiley 2010
  • Jacob S. Hacker & Paul Pierson, “Winner-Take-All Politics: How Washington Made the Rich Richer – And Turned Its Back on the Middle Class,” Simon & Schuster 2010
  • David Ransom & Vanessa Baird, Eds., “People First Economics,” World Changing 2009
  • Frances Moore Lappe, “Getting a Grip2: Clarity, Creativity and Courage for the World We Really Want,” Small Planet Media 2007, 2010
  • George Lakoff, “Whose Freedom?: The Battle over America’s Most Important Idea,” Picador 2006
  • Noam Chompsky, “Hegemony or Survival,” Henry Holt 2003
  • John Perkins, “The Secret History of the American Empire: Economic Hit Men, Jackals, and the Truth About Global Corruption,” Dutton 2007
  • DeGraff, Wann & Naylor, “Affluenza,” Berrett Koehler 2005
  • Thom Hartmann, “Unequal Protection: How Corporations became ‘People’ – and How You Can Fight Back,” Berrett Koehler 2010
  • Don Hazen & Lakshmi Chaudhry, Eds., “Start Making Sense: Turning the Lessons of 2004 int Winning Progressive Politics,” Chelsea Green 2005
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