What You Can Do

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          With the President’s reaffirmation on April 13 of his dedication to the American people and American prosperity, and with the recent surge of progressive push-back, we feel more confident today than ever that the bottom 99% can win.  But we have to keep working, especially because the mainstream media, as it has for many years, continues to cover up what is really going on, and when they absolutely must discuss a story, they spin their coverage in favor of the rich and corporations.  When election time comes, overwhelmingly we’ll only be exposed to their propoganda.  

          Here are some suggestions of things you can do now.  You’ll have many other, and more creative, ideas of your own:

  1. Get involved with citizen action groups (like MoveOn, People for the American Way, or The Coffee Party, to mention a few that we know about) and other groups that are fighting for our future.  There’ll be more of them to choose from soon; 
  2. Join or provide support to a labor union;
  3. Join groups that are organizing to support education.  Teachers, professors and students are organizing, and you can join a group or start a new one;
  4. Demonstrate publically for democracy, the American Dream, ending the wars, organized labor and workers’ rights, and so on.  These activities are growing now by leaps and bounds, and it’s crucial that they continue to grow;
  5. Keep contacting your congressional reps and senators;
  6. Seek out and use reliable news sources for the issues important to you, including print media, TV, radio and the internet, and avoid sources that you know are slanting the news;
  7. If you can develop an info-blog like ours, we’d encourage you to do it;  There’s a lot of good work being done that people just don’t know about, and communicating your work and knowledge is important;
  8. Join election campaigns and work for candidates of your choice;
  9. Maintain a sense of urgency – the 2012 elections are just around the corner;
  10. Develop a community-level action plan: (a) avoid spending money in a way that you know is supporting monopolies, supporting suppression of labor,  and contributing to hyper-wealth, by boycotting Wal-Mart and other mega-monopolies; (b) support local businesses and farmers markets; (c) be creative in finding ways to isolate and bypass the plutocracy; (d) support your local governments and volunteer for community service and development;   
  11. Form discussion groups, to address topics of concern and to ask and answer important questions.         

    ARC, JMH – 4/15/11

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