Obama and the Alternative

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The Betrayal of Hope: As a spending cut deal, coupled with raising the debt limit is announced 48 hours before the deadline, the American people are left to ponder the fate of the economy and their future.

Another Obama Term?: As the crisis on the budget negotiations and raising the debt limit reaches its final stages, Obama’s style of governing appears to be hampering his chances for a second term.

The Country We Believe In: President Obama, in the face of stiff Congressional opposition in the budget process, reaffirmed his commitment to Social Security, social health programs, reducing corporate subsidies, and taxing the rich.

Obama cuts his rhetorical deficit : Hendrik Hertzberg (The New Yorker) comments on Obama’s budget speech.

Obama’s Deficits: Progressive Priorities, Conservative Context: Robert Borosage reflects on how far to the right the conflict has drifted, to Obama’s disadvantage.

A Double Dip Recession for 2012?:   Robert Kuttner suggests that Obama shift gears, emphasizing job growth and recovery over deficit reduction.

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