Media and Propaganda

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Obsessing on Economic Reality: As the impass on the budget continues and the threat of alapsing debt limit looms, the need for reality-based economic analyses presented to theAmerican people to combat the Reaganomics propaganda they continuous get from the mainstream media is becoming critical.

Fixing the Broken Tax System: This is about how the mainstream press misleads people on tax issues, showing that the tax system is actually unfair and regressive.

The Propaganda Barrage: The mainstream media continues to bury the truth about the failing economy while promoting the increasingly unrealistic fantasy of becoming a millionaire.

The Fear Campaign:  Just two days after Michael Moore appeared in Madison, Wisconsin and pointed out that “America is not broke,” a shameless propaganda piece appeared on internet asserting that the American public caused the Republican debt, and is doomed to dire consequences if federal “entitlement” programs are not cut!  See why that’s hogwash.

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