Decline in America

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Entitlement, Repression, and Class Warfare – Proving a social safety net and freedom from economic and social repression are basic functions of American government.

The Divided States of Christian America? – In the Supreme Court’s 2001 Good News Club decision the Court redefined “religion” as “viewpoint” enabling a religious sect, on free speech grounds, to occupy a public school for the express purpose of proselytizing children inn their radical belief system.

Rebuilding the American Dream: Reporting on the House meetings around America and in particular in New York’s Capital District on July 16 and 17, 2011.  More than 24,000 people around the country participated, led by inspirational messages from Van Jones.

Midnight in America:  “It’s midnight in America and time for the American people to show their power and turn the lights back on before the morning comes again.” An excellent post on the New Deal Democrat from before the 2010 election.  American voters subsequently squandered a reasonably good recovery opportunity by turning Congress over to the enemies of recovery.

Unplugging to Reality, Part I: As the economy worsens, we seem locked in a fantasy “Matrix,” a self-centered belief system that mirrors the cult of unfettered capitalism and obscures the economic danger.

Unplugging to Reality, Part II: In the economic “Matrix,” we are fed the illusions that we are all in this together, and that the economy and recovery are better than they really are.

Unplugging to Reality, Part III: In the economic “Matrix,” the fantasy of Reaganomics infects policy, obscuring the continuing impoverishment of non-wealthy classes and the catastrophic effects Republican economic plans will soon have for everyone but the wealthiest Americans.

Reagan Insider: GOP Destroyed the U.S. Economy: Paul B. Farrell on David Stockman, a pessimitic assessment.

Super-Rich CEOs are Killing Your Retirement:  Paul B. Farrell on the attack of the ultra-right, part 1.

Tax the Super Rich Now or Face a Revolution:  Paul B. Farrell on the attack of the ultra-right, part 2

New Civil Was Erupts Led by Super-Rich GOP:  Paul B. Farrell on the attack of the ultra-right, part 3.

The American Nightmare: U.S. Economic Elite Wages War on the American People: David Degraw identitifes the $trillions lost to the American people through wealth transfers, unaccounted for military waste, growth in inequality, inflation, and so on: “To merely say that things will not be improving economically is to be a delusional optimist.  The truth that you will not hear: we have been hit by an economic deathblow.”

“Economic Terrorism”: The Consequences are Poverty and Mass Unemployment:  David Degraw discusses the rise of poverty, lower incomes and higher unemployment, middle class loss of pensions, loss of homes, loss of health care, increased debt, and so on: “The reason why we struggle … is because the Economic Elite have robbed us all. This amount of suffering in the United States of America is literally a crime against humanity.” (Original emphasis.)

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