Econ 101

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It’s the Marginal Efficiency of Capital, Stupid! – We’re almost out of Keynesians; read it and weep.

Don’t Tax the Job Creators?  – Explaining why this mantra, a variation of the trickle-down Reaganomics pitch – is truly nonsense.

Money As Debt – Watch this outstanding, revealing, and scary animated documentary by Canadian filmmaker Paul Grignon, explaining in plain understandable terms how money is created and controlled by the world’s private banks.

Why Businesses Cut Jobs – And What to Do About It – Guest blogger Janet Spitz explains why the use of traditional production function by firms undervalues labor and leads to disoptimal hiring and firing decisions.

Keynesian Economics and Marriner Eccles: Keynes’ explanation of the mechanism of demand-side stimulus.

To Be Perfectly Clear – Part 1:  Wealth rises to the top, and taxes stabilize wealth accumulation.  The top tax rate for a stable inequality of wealth was 70% for 35 years.

To Be Perfectly Clear – Part 2:  Since 1980, the wealthy and their corporations have controlled government and eliminated government restraint of corporate profits, taking trillions of dollars from everyone else in society.

To Be Perfectly Clear – Part 3:  In addition, The wealthy cut their personal income taxes at the top rate, from a minimum of 70% during the pre-1980 prosperity to 35%.  This alone gained at least $10 trillion for the top 1% from 1980-2007. 

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