An Open Letter to President Obama

Dear Mr. President:

I have been among your most ardent supporters, but I’m very concerned about the job you are doing.   You are involved in a class war, Mr. Obama, and as the representative and leader of the American people you are losing it.

Tomorrow there will be much celebrating on your 50th birthday.   Today, incredibly, at house parties hosted by your campaign, it is suggested that we celebrate avoiding a debt limit default!  We were all held hostage by the threat of economic terrorism, and now John Boehner says he got 98% of what he wanted; so what are we celebrating and how does your campaign’s celebration differ from the one the Republicans are having?

The middle class is losing everything, but you campaign on this: “You can’t get 100% of what you want.”  Is that supposed to be positive and encouraging?

What can we get, Mr. President?  Jobs?  Surely you know that the budget deal you just signed will reduce jobs and revenues over time, and that increasing tax revenues from the rich and corporations is essential for jobs and long-term recovery.

The majority of the American people already understand this, Mr. President, and unless you persuade them that you do too, and that you are on their side, your chances for a second term will continue to decline.

Electing a Republican President in 2012 would doom America (the economy would soon be finished off, and the destruction of government and popular democracy would proceed apace).   Fight back, Mr. Obama.  You are losing your support, your country, and your place in history.


Hon. J. Michael Harrison, Esq.

(Note – a nearly identical letter has been e-mailed to the White House.)

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