Government in Society

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Entitlement, Repression, and Class Warfare – Proving a social safety net and freedom from economic and social repression are basic functions of American government.

Rape, Choice, and the Supernatural War on Women – Weighing in on the rash of anti-contraception and invasive ultrasound legislation sweeping the nation.

Occupy, Violence, and the Stacked Deck  –  The Occupy Movement will face increased resistance in 2012, and just as it faces the need to redouble its efforts it must avoid violence at all costs.

It’s National Condom Week.  Seriously  –  Let us direct the attention of our Congressional representatives to those pressing problems that loom in our national shared external reality, of which the sexual behavior of consenting adults, including contraception choices, is not one.

Obama’s Contraception Decision and the Incompatibility of the Establishment and Free Exercise Clauses  –  The coherent import of the Establishment and Free Exercise clauses is that no religion is Constitutionally empowered to compel action or inaction in the public health province, regardless of its beliefs.

Why Democracy Requires the Separation of Church and State: Our government must act for the common good of all of us and, no religion is compatible with that requirement, because religious faith fails to provide a necessary common ground of verifiable reality.

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