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Be Afraid – The same old Republican “trickle-down” snake oil is being sold again, and too many people are still buying it.

And God’s Choice For President Is . . . .  – The full national jolt from Santorum’s personification of the theocratic urge may be exactly what we need to take that first important step away from the divine in government.

It’s National Condom Week.  Seriously  –  Let us direct the attention of our Congressional representatives to those pressing problems that loom in our national shared external reality, of which the sexual behavior of consenting adults, including contraception choices, is not one.

Iowa Has Spoken – Skip’s analysis of the Iowa caucus results.

Chronic Electile Dysfunction – As the political process ages and rational priorities for the public interest recede from view, chronic electile dysfunction sets in.

7 Things I’ve Learned From the Republican “Debates” – What can we learn from the Republican debates about the fitness of the candidates for the presidency

Fear the People  – Republican candidates adhere uncertainly to top-down truths in a bottom-up world.

The Birthers Are Back – The irrational Birther challenge to Barack Obama’s legitimacy reflects not only prejudice and racism, but also a proclivity to accept desired beliefs on raw faith, undisturbed by fact and inquiry.

The Religious Test for Public Office in 21st Century America – in addition to being directly contrary to the wisdom of the Constitution, our religious testing for public office is a fool’s errand, a search for attributes that can have no functional relevance to the likely competence of would-be captains of state.

Occupy the Nation – With Occupy Wall Street a revolution begins.  It must survive.

Why Perry Will Win: You’ve gotta be like-Reagan!

Glib Is Not Wise: The power of the human voice to shape our ideas and beliefs leads to much trouble, for glibness is readily mistaken for wisdom.

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