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Occupy, Violence, and the Stacked Deck  –  The Occupy Movement will face increased resistance in 2012, and just as it faces the need to redouble its efforts it must avoid violence at all costs.

Occupy, and the Quest for Common Sense  – The profound truths underlying Occupy Wall Street and its companion occupations easily merit recognition as based on a solid foundation of common sense realism.

“We Are the Many” – by Makana (with Lyrics and Chords) – This new Song by Hawaiian slack guitar specialist Makana has the potential to become an anthem for the Occupy movement.

Occupy Albany – Smooth Sailing So Far – A report on the first few relatively quiet days of Occupy Albany

Occupy! – OWS and the other Occupy groups around the country represent a progressive, moral movement – it should frame itself and avoid entangling alliances.

Occupy the Nation – With Occupy Wall Street a revolution begins.  It must survive.

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