Recommendations for firearm legislation from a U.S. Citizen

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(Graphic Source: “Public safety trumps outdated, irrelevant Second Amendment,” by Lee Gaillard, The Seattle Times, January 3, 2008 (here). See also: “District of Columbia v. Heller – Case Brief Summary,” a summary of the Supreme Court’s landmark holding in District of Columbia v. Heller, 554 U.S. __, 128 S. Ct. 2783, 171 L. Ed. 2d 637 (2008) (here).)

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I  am passing along to readers of this blog the e-mail I received today (12/23/12) from Toni Smith, a sister-in-law of Anne Marie Murphy, one of the teachers killed at the Sandy Hook Elementary School on December 14, 2012 by a deranged gunman.  Many of these recommendations appear consistent with the Second Amendment as presently interpreted by the Supreme Court, and all of them are worthy of careful consideration:

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Toni Smith here.  Happy to appear naïve on this one.

Perhaps you are in alignment with some of my suggestions below, but if any of the ideas below are of interest to you, please send them along to your Federal representatives in particular.  State legislators may be interested in the models as well. V.P. Joseph Biden () has been placed as the head of Obama’s task force to consider possible federal firearm legislation (here).  Please feel free to share this email with anyone you wish.

Recommendations for firearm legislation from a U.S. Citizen

– Federal legislation should be more extensive than all state laws combined.

– Engage a federal gun buy-back retrieval program that is rolling, continuous and does not expire.

– All gun owners must maintain active insurance policies on their guns to the tune of one million dollars of coverage for any person harmed by the gun.

– Use a typical automobile registration and insurance model for every gun sold.

– Ban concealed weapons. All guns, if carried at all must be carried in a visible manner.

– Self-protection should no longer be an acceptable reason for gun ownership. 

– Qualified firearm owners must demonstrate practical active use for a gun, such as farm animal protection or a current, active hunting license.  All gun purchasers must participate in a multi-step application process.

– Ban all automatic weapon sales to individuals.

– Quantities of ammunition sales should be highly restricted.  Prohibit sales of more than six bullets at any given time unless purchaser is a law enforcement agency.  No magazine sales to individual citizens.

– All ammunition and gun sales should be taxed at 100% and all proceeds should go to mental health care for patients who have been identified as unstable, violent and interested in weapons by a health practitioner. 

– Gun manufacturers and the National Rifle Association must provide public information on all lobby activity including funds spent and public list of all paid lobbyists and their contributions to legislators.

– No one over the age of sixteen can live in a house where a gun resides (regardless of who owns the gun/s) unless that individual has participated in a thorough gun residence application process, including a psychological exam.  The application must be renewed every two years.

– Establish a Task Force to address possible protocols that families who have concerns about mentally unstable relatives who have indicated an interest in violence and guns can use to get support.

– Use Australian Firearm Laws as a model for the U.S. (here) that were established after the Tasmanian Massacre (here and here).

– Abolish or Re-write the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution to include restrictions that prohibits automatic gun use by individual citizens, restriction on ownership by the mentally ill and child weapon instruction.

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JMH – 12/23/12

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