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Entitlement, Repression and Class Warfare

(Return to the Contents Topics page.) “Entitlement is multi-generational, but so is working together“ Yesterday was a tough day for me, starting with the morning’s news about the Supreme Court’s decision on the validity of strip searches and continuing with a conversation … Continue reading

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The Divided States of Christian America?

(Return to the Contents Topics page.) 2001 was a bad year.  For almost all of us, for the obvious reason: the 9/11 attacks.  For many of us, because of the frightened and deeply counter-patriotic legislative reaction to those attacks: the Uniting and Strengthening America … Continue reading

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Obama’s Contraception Decision and the Incompatibility of the Establishment and Free Exercise Clauses

(Return to the Contents Topics page.) In what many progressives see as a slight stiffening of Obama’s President-of-all-the-people-not-just-the-loud-and-crazy-ones spine, his Administration has taken a position favoring women’s health care in opposition to the vigorously expressed wishes of some Catholic bishops.  It has … Continue reading

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Law and the Courts

(Return to the Contents Topics page.) The Divided States of Christian America? – In the Supreme Court’s 2001 Good News Club decision the Court redefined “religion” as “viewpoint” enabling a religious sect, on free speech grounds, to occupy a public school for the … Continue reading

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